Saturday, December 5, 2009

I kii xiao d___

recently xiao diok korea movie pulak..
i kii xiao d..
tis holiday make me kii xiao...
coz too too too bored le!!!
so i juz keep eat watch slp eat watch slp..
so nw i m fatty..
always say wan diet but din do it geh..
><" hahahaa! useless...==''

tis girl damn cute..heeee

quite en tao d..

but tis more en tao..hahaa!
he shot diok me ad @@

tis few days watch tis korea drama lo..
nth to write d..
is the time to slp d..
sweet dream..

Cut hair d___

cut d...
cut layer oo...
long time din change hair style ad..
but no change vry many too lar..
i wan keep my hair long...
so cut layer lo...
nth to write ler..
[got a ppl say more like my bfore hair stye..]
[regret cut lo!]

Monday, November 30, 2009

im back =]

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

hi everyone.
tis few day i went penang for shopping and find my best cousin sis.
coz at home vry vry bored.
10++ wake d. so early rite.
coz i haven prepared anything so wan wake early to prepared lur.
after prepared all the thing is the lunch time.
we having a lunch at city plaza there.
after lunch 12++ we went penang luu..
at car i keep sembang vf my mii coz she say she sleppy...
haha..if i can drive muz drive d...
haha..but she dunwan teach me drive =(
abt 2++ we arrive there luu..
haha..we straight went my cousin house..
haha..when reach her home..
the 1st thing i saw is [donny]
he so cute, and vry fat and bigger than bfore..
then at her house sembang vf she a while abt 4++
is the time SHOPPING..
we went quenssbay shop..
yorr..when we find the car park oso kangkor...
coz holiday many ppl..
then shop shop shop lo...


7++ we back to my cousin home..
and take a bath go out for dinner...
woohoo..nice dinner tat day..
when back to home ad 10++
actually wan to go coffee island ...
but we all lazy so din go le...heheee
at home juz keep semabng vf my cousin sis till 4am juz slp..
@@ geng lerh?? we many thing to talk 1..hahaha..
but now panda eye came out ad..=( sad..


today wake vry late..heheee..coz late slp marr ><" haha...
then have a lunch we straight went gurney shopping luu...
lazy to write d..
here some pics..

at nichii..fat me ><" mindy.eileen.

me vf cutie la wen...

at new world park buy a clay ring..but!!
now i left at my cousin house...><"


at night went pulao tikus there for dinner..
then back home =)


today we slp late too...
2++ went prangin mall.. and we shop lo^^
at vincci buy a new watch.. coz i dun have watch ad...
vincci watch cheap and nice =)
here some pics..=)

me vf shindee..wearing spec =]

shindee & me..she so leng rite?

weeeeeeeee =]
me vf cutie donny~
miss u so much xD
then abt 7++ back home d...
home sweet home =)
miss you everyday...every moment...

Sunday, November 22, 2009


哈哈~ 最近阿~都躲在家里咯~
[福气又安康] 我之前听戏名以为是老土的戏勒。。
哈哈~~才不会~ 超好看的~~
真的很好看哦 最重要的是~~~~男主角满的。。鼻子好挺勒~~
女主角也很漂亮~~ 哈哈。。看了都爽咯。。。


Saturday, November 21, 2009



Today is a sweet day oo~
he cum bek le...

but but...juz few days nia...=(
today hang out vf he lo..

so happy when saw he..
he gift me bracelet oo^^
i vry vry like it...
show to u all yaa =P

is a cute^^ nice mar??

thx yaa~
love u so much~
i will waiting for u ~~


Tuesday, November 17, 2009



good luck to all my frenz tat fighting vf SPM d ..
gambateh yaa..
especially is u..+u oo n_n
i support u all^^


Sunday, November 15, 2009



today is the day to perform to skul..
omg..damn sienz lar...
damn tired enough slp lo..
tat day morning my mum make up for me she c diok my panda eyes she oso diok chek kia lo..
haha..i felt my panda eyes vry geli too...
tat day i really vry vry lazy to perform lo...
but i promise ppl liao mar..muz do it..
not like tat nia..our skul tat day gt many diffrent skul d ppl cum to our skul...
for basketball competition d...
today we all bo sim bo sim d..
scare xia shui lur==
but we all zi ian d still gt take many pic..==''' heeeee~
check it out =)


me and evelyn..

me n nana...

ice girls^^

jince n evelyn...

angie n evelyn...

me n angie...

me n evelyn after perform change skul t-shirt...


after abt 4++ bek to home..
mii already buy jor 6.15 [2012] d ticket..
idamn tired liao lo...wan c watch kuk ar..
nvm ad choice mar watch lo...
heeeeee...ho chai me gt watch lo...really geng lo...
cik kek nia c tat movie...
hehe...nic nice nice....

[2012] i support u...

psps..muz c it..nice nice movie..